This blog is dedicated to all my fellow hikers, foodies, med students (all students), travelers, and anyone who finds joy in the small things in life.

The reason why I finally decided to start a blog is because I wanted to share a lot of what I enjoy with people.

Everyone is busy. No matter who you are or what you do. I’m no exception.

I was a nurse who decided to go back to medical school, I’m currently in my 4th year (M4, hard to believe that its interview season, how time flies). And those of you in medical school know how busy life can get, to the point where you fall off the grid and get sucked into a blackhole for what feels like an eternity. So I decided to do something for myself to continue to enjoy life while going through this process.

I started reading again, eating out at different places (I used to be picky but now I enjoy the challenge of new food), I started hiking!, and doing a bit more road tripping. I take pictures to remind me of the good days, and a friend suggested I share some of those photos. HENCE… the blog. I also created an Instagram for short quick snaps (Ardently_Incandescent).