Cascade Valley – The forgotten Trail

I simply cannot believe it. I did not post some of my hikes from around AKRON! Lordy, and they were some of my favorites.  I decided to write about the Cascade Valley Metro park/South. I cannot tell you how beautiful this hike was. When I moved to Akron this summer, I decided to hike around of course (most of the posts/picture are on the Instagram page ardently_incandescent). Unfortunately I was too busy posting the pictures on instagram and I finally noticed today that it never made it to this page. I will post my “top of the hill” pictures and a picture of the signal tree below (you can see the video of the overlook on the instagram page, the sound of the flowing river is just wonderful. Better yet, come hear it in person!). I even went KAYAKING a few times, I may post that this week as well.

How did I find some of the hikes around here? Honestly, I just looked on a map, picked a place and went. I was never disappointed.




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