As you all know, I’ve been traveling a bit now for some residency interviews. I’ve actually not been getting to enjoy any of the places I’ve visited. I’m hoping I can get back to some for a second look (they invite you after interviews are done to have another informal interaction with them).

Luckily, I had the honor of getting 2 Baltimore Maryland interviews, so I’m flying back for my second one. I have a great friend there who is insisting we do some fun things (thank goodness for her, because I would have slept in my hotel)! We are going to check out a cafe called Shirley’s, and I’m hoping to maybe hit up some museums nearby as well. I also got my flight for late Monday evening so hopefully I’ll get to do a bit more before it’s business as usual! I’ll be sure to post on here and my blogs Instagram. Same name, with underscore between the words.


If you get a chance to visit Baltimore, be sure to check out Miss Shirley’s Cafe near the inner harbor. After which I highly recommend the National Aquarium. I am more into art museums myself but I’ve been visiting aquariums lately: Toronto (Ripley’s), Cincinnati/Kentucky one and this one! So far the first and last have been amongst my favorites. All have been great but def these two!

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