Proud Plant MAMA

I got a Jade plant from my friend back in March. I was doing so badly with the succulent that I over watered her (I call her jade), then I left her in 90 degree weather and she got scorched. THEN I left her at my parents in July. But I decided I would NOT GIVE UP!

I ended up getting another jade plant in Cincinnati this July (red tipped, I call her red tips) and let me tell you guys… THEY ARE THRIVING! I just repotted them, Jade for the second time and red tip for the first time. My babies are doing so well, I have never been so proud.

Tips for taking care of succulents: do not overwater, give enough sun but not too much (definitely don’t leave them out in the sun), and show them some love by talking to them. Also, when repotting, always use deeper pots. Bonsai’s do well in shallow pots but not succulents, the roots will curve and grow through the soil.

You can see the new pots I planted them in, and I have pictures below to show what Jade first looked like (she’s in the brown pot, red tips is in the white turtle pot). *pics below*


Many new leaves!!!! (below) You can see how her old leaves were all scorched. IMG_4696IMG_4699IMG_4715

This was Jade when I first got her! (below)

I cant even believe that this is the same plant as the ones above. She’s lost so many healthy leaves it’s not even funny. IMG_2448


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