FAMILY MEDICINE, Why I Chose this specialty

I realized, as I scrolled through some old posts, that I never updated you all on my decision. I know I posted in December “Choosing a medical specialty” (here is a link to that page, but I never told you what I chose and why.

I think the best way to explain it is by sharing part of my personal statement. And honestly, the two biggest things that drove me to choose family medicine was that I wanted to continue being a Jane of all trades and they were MY PEOPLE. Follow your heart and gut, and never let anyone tell you what to be. You’ll be happier 10 years down the road. Also, realize that its never too late to change. Whether you’re an M4 student, a PGY 1 or even practicing. I met a surgeon who worked part time to full time as an ED doctor. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

PS the feature photo is a picture of myself, another M4 student going into family, a family med resident and one of the ladies in the management office. We ran a 10k, and our shirts said “Running and Family Medicine, Passion, Persistence and General Awesomeness”.

PERSONAL STATEMENT:  As someone who considers herself a “Jane of all trades”, family medicine was the perfect fit for me. During one of my clinic days recently, a patient came in for a chronic health maintenance visit. She was obese, and very aware of it, and she told the medical assist to “walk past the scale”. I saw her first, then presented to my attending. Upon reentering the room, the two of them hugged and instantly fell into a conversation. Her discomfort about her weight visibly dropping from her demeanor, as she lit up while talking. “Did I tell you about my cousin’s new diagnosis? The whole family is shocked”, the interaction went on to include updates on other family members and what everyone was up to. It was like watching two close friends. The continuity of care and diversity of experiences are what I love about family medicine; from visits to the County jail, homeless shelter, Outpatient Clinics, and Inpatient. Boredom was never something I did well with, which is another reason why I chose family medicine, so I can spend the rest of my life learning, growing, and serving.

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