Travel Update

SO sorry that life has gotten away from me and its taken me forever to post. I am now an M4 medical student and interviewing for residency (so lots has been happening, board exams etc but all that is DONE and PASSED and I can start enjoying the season and life).

I decided to share a bit more of my book (check out previous post). I think I need to get back to it and really edit/write some more.

ANYWAY this is a travel update, as promised, I decided to visit 5 new cities and 1 continent this year, as a way to start living more of my life. I am planning a COLOMBIA trip next year (so I guess it doesn’t count for 2018, Iceland got canceled due to board exams and the fact that I am a poor medical student). So far I have been very blessed with interviews, all over the midwest and some on the east coast. Here are some places I’ve visited:

  1. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Definitely a small town feel, I was not sure how I felt about it to be honest. I was not expecting a college town, so I was a bit shocked but I definitely liked it. Featured picture that I loved. Felt like home.
  2. Lake Forest, near Chicago Illinois. I was surprised by how much I loved this city! Also a small town feel, and that was very refreshing because I am not a big fan of Chicago city (mostly because of the traffic and architecture of the buildings); I did my CS board exam there (Clinical Skills).
  3. Pittsburg!!! This is coming up TOMORROW actually! I will post as I arrive.
  4. Baltimore Maryland, also later this week!
  5. Cincinnati Ohio! shocking right, I never knew what it was like but it was surprisingly nice! I certainly loved going right over the water to Kentucky, my best friend and I went there for a few days, because we didn’t realized how expensive it would be to book a hotel last minute to Montreal (and by last minute I mean same day, what were we thinking, very spur of the moment trip).

I guess I’ve done more than 5 actually! And I still have a trip to Virginia planned as well!

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