Healer’s Art

I took a class a while ago now called the Healer’s Art Course, which i thought was supposed to be something that it wasn’t. I thought it was to help us learn the art of medicine, however, this class was actually teaching us how to be better to ourselves.

We learned so much about simple things in life both in large group and small groups. In the small group sessions we discussed so many things near and dear to our hearts outside of Medicine. We now share a very incredible bond that I did not think was possible this late in our medical school career. I was so grateful for the opportunity this class gave me to learn more about myself and my classmates.

At the end of the class we all got small hearts to remind us to take care of our own. It was hand made by an amish woman with a kind heart and gentle hands. If you have an opportunity to participate in something you normally wouldn’t do, I highly encourage you to take that leap of faith. I had to drive an hour each way during my surgery rotation (after 17 hour days) to get to this class, and they were the best 2 hours I spent that day. It helped me open myself and enjoy my work and patients even more!


Here is the link to the website of the actual (original) Healer’s Art course information!



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