West Branch State Park


I’ve been on some more hikes lately, mostly with my friends and some alone. I’ve now visited West Branch State Park in Ohio a few times along with some previous trails at Cuyahoga Valley National park. In fact I was suppose to go last weekend as well after my vacation but found out it was going to rain… then it didnt all morning until mid afternoon. So ill have to go sometime this coming weekend lol.

What I love most about West Branch is that its small enough for you to go off trail without getting lost. Also there are camping grounds for those of you with families and who want to enjoy some clean fun. I did see Ice fishing before. Also on the other side of the lake there are hunting grounds too for those who enjoy the sport! IMG_1911IMG_1912IMG_1913IMG_1914IMG_1915IMG_1958IMG_1928fullsizeoutput_954fullsizeoutput_957IMG_1959fullsizeoutput_958IMG_1960fullsizeoutput_95dIMG_1950IMG_2492


Some additions from Cuyahoga Valley National Park


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