Ok people, Ready… Set… FLY!

I went to my 1/5 city for this year’s travels.

Let me tell you, its hard to try and travel as a med student! Especially a third year when you have all these shelf exams (specialty specific like family, obgyn, peds, surgery), boards (STEP 2 CS/CK) coming up and you’re also rotating.

But enough about education, Hollywood Florida was not a city I had heard of until 2 weeks before I went. YES! Crazy how many places exist that we don’t know of.

I had been to Miami before, but honestly, if you are looking for a place that is less partyish, family friendly and still beautiful then this is your beach.

My friend and I were lucky to have a condo right on the ocean (thanks to her family friend). Our bedroom was facing the ocean, just big open windows with the sunshine to wake you up each morning. We sometimes would sit on our beds and just open the windows and feel the wind from the ocean and listen to the waves. It was probably the most at home I had ever felt while on vacation. I didnt want to leave, definitely made me want to purchase a place like this for myself in the future. Oh and laundry on each floor was 50CENTS! The smallest things in life.

Things to do included:

  1. Lay on the beach
  2. Wind surf, go on yachts, swim
  3. Margarita ville was right there with all their entertainment including water sport (check out the margarita glass chandelier)
  4. Hollywood Beach Theater with performances 3 nights a week at least!
  5. FOOD!
  6. Biking
  7. Board Walk
  8. A marina next to the ocean for you sailors and rowers

Anyway without further ado, here are the lovely photos. Image-1-1


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