Hey guys,

So sorry that it has taken me forever to get this updated. To be honest, most of me not updating was pure laziness.

Alright I have a few new places I ate at within the last 2 months I’d say, definitely since February at least. Make that 3 but one is more of a coffee shop. And I’ll also post food place from my recent vacation in Hollywood Florida!

  1. Place number one is called Urban Kitchen! It’s a great restaurant here in Cleveland that also serves Halal food for those of you who practice eating Halal. I absolutely LOVE this place. A friend told me about it. To be honest, I ordered 2 meals the fist time I went.. haha I got both french toast, which you’ll soon find out is one of my fav things to eat (any breakfast food really), and a corn beef sandwich because why not (also because I had not had one in years). Both meals were incredible! also they cater 😀
  2. The second place I have been to recently was called The Treehouse. It s a bar in Treemont Ohio. When I think Treemont I always think; HIPSTER. Its a nice little pub, very lovely aesthetics. The food was ok, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I dont drink so I cant tell you much about what they have on tap but I can tell you the place was packed midday so it must be amazing, be sure to check it out! IMG_2284
  3. Lastly, on places I’ve tried recently is LOOP. Its also in Treemont, they have records (like vinyl records) for days! and great vegan pastries etc. Also the coffee’s are not half bad. So if you’re looking for a place to chill, and enjoy some good music or study at, this is a sweet spot.
  4. Travel food: man I wont lie I ate at Cafe Club right on Hollywood Beach like 3 times in the 5 days I was there! love the guys there, food was EXACTLY as portrayed on the photos (which is shocking) and it was just as delicious as it looked. They also make you any kind of coffee drink you like, they make their own fresh brew right there (one of the guys made me an amazing caramel frap with cinnamon on the whipped cream and it was divine). I also got a lot of Haagen-Dazs ice cream and coffee, ate at a taco place (cant recall the name, also on the beach) and Brio of course (If you’ve never had Brio then you are missing out my friend).

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