So many of us talk about this word, this emotion. I feel like my life is sometimes consumed with it. Between the shows I watch (The bachelor and series year round), the romantic films I indulge in, the people around me (all the engagements and weddings), I feel like I wont find “the one” and it makes me sad. Because all I want sometimes is to find that person already and settle down (I am sure most of you can agree). So what do I (we) do? we get into bad situations, or ignore our issues by diving into random activities and dates and whatever else your vice might be.

It’s funny to me though because as much as I am a deep romantic at heart, I also have some bad luck in the love department. And to be frank with you, I am a serious realist when it comes to my life. My current plans do not include a husband or children (unless I adopt), and its not because I don’t want all that, its because I am preparing myself for the worst.

I find that most of the time, people are constantly stressed out about this whole love business . . . but then I see others around me as well who fall in love and get engaged and life flows very simply and easily from one thing to the next and it makes me want to never give up.

So I guess while I am waiting for that love story, I will try and travel the world instead, try and live my best life, try and find myself, and what I want out of this beautiful gift I’ve been given. And I truly hope you all do the same. Never give up on love, but don’t let that consume your life also, don’t let it be what defines your happiness. Face it head on! And if you don’t find the one (that treats you how you should be treated, love you unconditionally and you love them just the same), NEVER settle! You deserve everything and then some, just as much as the other person does.

Stay true to yourselves my loves. And know that life is full of surprises. And you’ll find love and it will find you when you least expect it.


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