Bedford Reservation

Today I decided to take a hike at the Bedford Reservation near my house. If you’re looking at a map, it’s at the very top part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, northbound.

The air is so crisp today because of the cool 28°C that it is. The sound of the water crashing nearby is stunningly soothing. I was caught off guard when I became present because the earth smelled so good, you could feel the soil with each breath. There are not that many people today on the trail as you can imagine, due to the cold weather, however it still does not subtract from the magnificence of the nature.

It’s actually quiet where I am at the moment. The birds are out, and I can hear them at a close distance, almost as if they were singing in my left ear. I’ve noticed a few tall thin trees on the path. It makes me wonder what caused them to fall over. I decided to make this a short hike today because my fingers are so cold currently from taking so many photos that they are numb. I wish I could’ve kept walking all the way down to the other Creek, but I am still grateful for the little walk I got to take today. If you are in the area, I highly suggest you check out the Bedford reservation. IMG_1837IMG_1840fullsizeoutput_90fIMG_1850IMG_1851fullsizeoutput_918IMG_1863fullsizeoutput_91efullsizeoutput_921fullsizeoutput_929IMG_1893IMG_1895IMG_1897IMG_1900

4 thoughts on “Bedford Reservation

  1. momentaryreverie says:

    It’s such a gift to have access to such spectacular photography on wordpress. Thanks for sharing these. They’re beautiful.


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