Update on Hikes, Plant Based Eats and New Years Resolution

Well, we are all human so you can guess that Im failing at all those things .

Hahaha just kidding, but Im not doing the best that I could be.

Hiking the weather finally got up to 45 degrees yesterday in Cleveland so I did go on a hike near Rootstown campus (also because there was no internet due to a blackout so I couldn’t study). The hike was at a place called West Branch State Park! The lake was frozen so I was able to actually WALK ON IT! even got to explore a little island in the middle of the river. Also saw some people ice fishing and took a picture of the hole (never seen ice fishing in real life before).

Plant Based Eats– lets be real, the moment I told you I ate Nutella by the jars you should have never trusted me. Lol. Actually I’ve been incorporating more salads into my meals thank you very much! And I have cut back on eating meat a bit this week. The week is still young and so its only been like 4 days. I think I will try and crank this part up, especially since I start my surgery rotation on tomorrow! I even got myself a lunch bag thing and a little food thermos! (going to try and save some cash whilst I do this).

New Years Resolution– I’ll tell you how my OBGYN shelf goes if I passed it (-_-) scared as heck. Tough exam! I even did 3 practice NBMEs and all Obgyn UWorld questions (for those of you medical ppl). I’m still single, not sure if I am doing a great job at it but I have spent more time with friends! Also just found out that the National Park I go to has skiing! SO next weekend I shall give it a whirl! ILL KEEP YOU POSTED!

Travel– schedule my STEP 2 CS board exam for Chicago! Wish I could have done it for Atlanta because that would be a new city for me, but I am a poor medical student so I had to be realistic lol. A friend of mine and I are trying to schedule a vacation after my second board exam (STEP 2 CK) to either Mexico or Iceland (now that Iceland has direct flights from Cleveland). TO BE DETERMINED! That would be 1 city and 1 continent done!

Oh and I started the 2018 book challenge made by another blogger! Currently reading a “book picked for you by someone else”. One of the doctors I was with suggested Cutting for Stone (as did my classmate years ago) and Half the sky. So I started Cutting for  Stone.


some photos for your delight! IMG_1803IMG_1809IMG_1798IMG_1793IMG_1787FullSizeRender


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