Kingsmen 2- Review

So I love myself a good movie as much as the next girl.

I watch a ton of stuff, a little bit more than I should be as a medical student to be perfectly honest. And last night on my breaks during a 24 hour call, I decided to watch Kingsmen 2 finally.

I’d rate it a solid 3.5/5. I felt like the first movie was just so much more. It felt better directed, the story line was great! I think this movie is good, dont get me wrong. Would I rewatch it/pay to rent it again? Absolutely not. Action was good, so if you’re looking for that you’ll get a good amount. I just felt like it was missing something, a little je ne sais quoi.

Maybe it was the acting, felt a bit on the “trying too hard” part. I love each and every one of those actors individually! Just felt like their roles could have had a bit more gumption. These days though, lots of movies just crank out a shabby storyline with some action and throw in a bit of romance — BAM! It’s out.

Overall, not a horrible film, I was able to sit through the whole thing, just not my favorite Kingsmen.


NEXT UP! … The Shape of Water

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