So I took a break from writing because, well there’s been a few deaths in our family recently.

I deal with death and dying a lot, being in the health care field. It’s always been interesting to me how people handle these events in life so differently. I for one have become somewhat “detached” if you will from my emotions when it comes to death and dying. In order for me to work in the operating room (OR), I had to set a lot of emotions aside in order to get the job done; get the body ready for families, get the patient ready for further medical/criminal investigation and so forth.

I never quite learned to process death and dying, especially not in the environment I was in. And as the years have gone by, I find myself thinking of some deaths long after their occurrence and the person that once was. Some times that processing happens the day after, other times years after. I can still recall my first patient that died, the room, where I was, the family’s reaction.

At the end of the day, I think as humans we have to process things. Whether it be death, love, heartbreak, childbirth, parenthood, whatever the case might be. And do it as well as we can. Because keeping things bottled up is definitely not mentally healthy or helpful.

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