New Year’s Resolution

Many people make resolutions, year in and year out, that they never seem to fulfill. So why bother doing it? That had been the attitude that I adopted pretty much all 3 decades of my life. If I wanted to make a change, I never waited for the new year to come around, I just started the next day or the next week. So why wait? What’s so special about waiting till the first of the year?

And to be honest, the first of the year is different based on your country, based on your religion etc. Chinese New year is a classic example. Indians have their own new year as well. Did you know that muslims follow the Lunar calendar, so the first of their year is different every year than the 1st of Jan. Korean’s change their age at the start of the year, not based on their actual birthday.

I think I’m going to try and actually go for it and see if I can make a goal for a WHOLE YEAR! I am going to challenge myself to

  1. Do great this year in school
  2. I’m going to challenge myself to be TRULY single the ENTIRE YEAR without trying anything online or thinking about dating
  3. I’m going to challenge myself to eat the best food I can find
  4. To visit at least 5 cities this year, maybe even a COUNTRY (ooo la la, and no I don’t mean France haha)
  5. And to try out new things like canoeing, white water rafting; nothing dangerous 😀

Wish me LUCK! I’ll Keep you posted.

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