Choosing A Medical Specialty

Let me just say, that I am currently stressed the HECK out!

Some people come into medicine from a family full of doctors, others come in with a passion for one specialty because they grew up in a certain situation, or saw something that triggered them and they just knew.

Then there’s some of us. Who have no special family ties, no moment of truth, no angels singing.

My journey has been VERY un conventional; I was a nurse, who (YES) CONTINUED to work through medical school AND did research on the side.

Currently Im between Family, Internal, possibly Radiology and maybe (thats a huge maybe, because I love to sleep now and want a 9-5) surgery. I have 9 months to submit my residency applications, I have no freaking clue what I’m going to end up doing. I may end up doing nothing, anesthesia, EM, who the heck knows.

If you have experienced this or are experiencing this, please feel free to leave comments.

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