Labile Woods


These pictures were from a 3.3 mile hike that I took at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Salt Run Trail) I never get tired of looking at that picture. Fall was in full swing, yet the weather was still very forgiving. As I went on this hike, I was pleasantly surprised by the terrain I met.

So many rolling hills, changing scenes. The landscape was breathtaking and every turn was easy on the eye. I found myself in woods that were bursting with life and color!


These boardwalks were placed in absolutely perfect spots. Each wooded stairs that led you up or down a path gave way to incredible forestry. I can only imagine what this place will look like in the spring.


As we got halfway through the walk, we found ourselves on a path that reminded a bit an Alice in Wonderland scenario. The green of the grass on this path was surprising, because the woods before had been so brown and rich with soil and trees. I felt as if i was in a dream. Dazed by the stark contrast between the paths on this trail.


As we got to the end of the trail, the path was lit with the descending sun. And I wish this picture was better but I can honestly say that this was one of my most favorite hikes all year.

Stick around and there will be more trails to come from the Valley!

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