Delivering Babies-A Salute to Women

As you all know (those of you who happened to grace my “about” page with your presence, thank you!) I am a medical student who was previously a nurse.

I wanted to capture this moment (no PICTURES of course lol HIPPA after all) because I just helped to deliver a baby. This would be my 4th I believe (not counting c-sections) in the past 3 weeks. And I want to say first and foremost, to all the women out there having children, you are INCREDIBLE human beings. You are the supermen and superwomen of this world. There is nothing more scary and incredible than growing a human being in you for 9 months and then literally shoving it out of a tiny hole in your body.

I wont lie, the first time I saw vaginal deliveries was as a nursing student in 2009 or 2010, and I recall thinking that it was so beautiful it made me want to cry. I was young and naive then, living in blissful ignorance.

As my journey through medical school has taught me all of the complications (unbelievable horrors including hemorrhaging to death) that can transpire while one is pregnant/delivering, I came to appreciate birthing even more than I ever thought I could. And I SALUTE every woman who has done it.

Having a C-section does not make one any less of a mother or woman either. Because the complications that can happen with that are just as bad as a vaginal delivery. One could literally end up with a hysterectomy in order to save their life if things go badly (both vaginally and c-sectionally), so to those women; a STANDING OVATION. Many women have c-sections for the baby being too big, her cervix not dilating completely, she could be medically unstable or the baby could be, placenta decided to come off the uterus etc.

My main goal of writing this was to salute the woman today whom I helped deliver. She did such an incredible job that she inspired me to go natural someday (if I’m blessed). I cannot tell you the feeling of watching a head slowly inch towards the surface, the feeling of seeing a woman as she holds her breath, pushing with everything she’s got. She is … indescribable. She is magnificent. And it makes me proud to be a woman.


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