Toronto Eats

It took me a while to decide what I wanted my second post to be about. But then I decided on FOODDD!! Im a person who Lives to EAT. Unfortunately my stomach is starting to appreciate this a bit too much.

When I was in Toronto with my friend this past October, we went to a place (which I love!) called Bar Wellington. To be quite honest I typically stick to chicken and waffles (don’t ask me why, the combination of carb and protein never bores me) and this time was no exception. Thank goodness for my friend M who decided to get herself a lovely breakfast that consisted of the most heavenly potatoes I’ve ever devoured, coupled with beautifully red tomatoes. And lets not forget about the Biscuits! I don’t think biscuits this tasty should be allowed (it’s just illegal!). As I type this my mouth is watering just recalling the smooth taste of it all.

Needless to say I enjoyed her breakfast more than mine. The chicken and waffles were a 2/5 (and that was me being generous). It was just too hard on the gums for me; both the waffle and chicken. I’m more of a soft, melt in your mouth foodies kinda girl.

Lastly, I want to say that the scenery before us was just lovely. The Thompson hotel was right down the street, with a beautiful mini dog park across from us. Canadians definitely do it right with their parks. There’s one on every other block it feels like.



The butter deserved its own picture because it was just delightful






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